We're on a mission to make EHS compliance fast, simple and accurate.

We are laser focused on innovating for our customers. We believe in building tools that help companies achieve environmental goals. We aspire to a future where good-for-business and good-for-the-planet go hand in hand.

Encamp is aligning corporate and environmental goals using technology

Businesses today recognize the need for environmental compliance, and many strive to become environmental leaders. However, environmental compliance is expensive, time-consuming, and tricky. In addition to managing your company compliance programs, regulatory reporting requirements are rigorous. Managing environmental programs using paper binders or home-made Excel and Access databases is costly, cumbersome and often leads to noncompliance.

The Problem

By combining modern software engineering principles with our deep EHS experience, Encamp is rethinking EHS compliance from the ground up. Every day, we are innovating to create solutions that help you. No matter what your EHS needs, we're in your corner.

The Solution

We believe in using technology to make EHS compliance fast, simple, and accurate. This mission drives us to create tools that lower the cost of environmental compliance, both in terms of money and time. Our software combines the best parts of a data management platform with powerful reporting automation, allowing you to increase your environmental compliance program efficiency and accuracy.

We do it by automating EHS. Automated EHS means increased EHS efficiency and lower risk of non-compliance. By developing innovative software and bringing vital partners into our platform we improve constantly, and strive to leave the world a better place through exceptional corporate citizenship.

More Money, More Efficiency, More Accuracy


Encamp is on a mission to create a world where good for business is good for the environment. By making the most complicated environmental reporting tasks fast, simple, and accurate, Encamp is reimagining environmental compliance, data management, and risk-minimization for modern companies. Encamp serves over 150 companies nationwide and is headquartered in Indianapolis.

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