Encamp & KMK together with SGHS+

The Team of Specialists you need to manage your chemicals and meet compliance requirements of your complete products’ life cycle.

Simplify Your EHS Compliance

Encamp makes it unbelievably easy to manage your EHS documents, deadlines, permits, and tasks — all in one, modern platform.

• Automated EPCRA Reporting    
• Unified Facility Profiles    
• 50 State Aware Compliance Tracker


A Worldwide Leader in Services, Software, Databases and Applications Related to GHS

KMK Regulatory Services creates, converts, translates and manages SDS, Safety Data Sheets for chemical companies all over the world – in over 45 languages. Leave the hard part to us!

• Substance registration on national inventory
and trade secret
• Poison Center Notification in Europe
• SDS-Label
• GHS compliant documents


A worldwide broker in services, software, databases, document management related to GHS, and more

• Regulatory Consulting
• Substance Registration
• Trade Secret’ country specific requirements
• Web-based Document Management Solution
• Poison Center Notification in Europe