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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Encamp have access to my data?

Access to facility information is limited to our Senior Software Engineers and Environmental Scientists who may need to see the data for support purposes. All data changes are stored in an audit log where we can see what changed and who changed it - including if it was an Encamp staff member or automated process. Encamp will only change your data if you've expressly asked us to do so.

Does Encamp have a mobile app?

Encamp does not currently have a mobile app. However, with it being cloud-based, Encamp can be accessed from any device.

Can I add international facilities to the platform?

Yes, you can manually add international facilities and create all regulatory requirements as Custom Events.

Do you have to manually enter tasks for requirements such as facility-specific air permits?

Yes, we are unable to automatically pull in facility-specific permits and the tasks associated with those. However we provide you with a great framework, and user-friendly system, so entering in this information will not be cumbersome.

How is Encamp pulling my regulatory requirements and how do I know that you are capturing everything applicable to my facility?

We use the information available in ECHO & FRS to determine applicability to state and federal requirements. If a requirement is not able to be applied using that information, we will apply geographic applicability (I.e., Maine requirements for Maine facilities). We will also notify users of requirements that are based on information that we don’t have access to so that we cover most bases (i.e., Tier II applicability). There will always be information we can’t surface using publicly available data, like local wastewater permits. That is why we give you the ability to add custom requirements to make sure everything is captured in the platform.

How does Encamp stay up to date on changing federal & state regulations and forms?

What's great about Encamp is that we have a compliance team of CHMM's and regulatory experts who manage this behind the scenes. We use various tools and software to help us track changes, review them, and apply them to the platform when necessary.

Does Encamp pull local requirements (i.e. - local air requirements, CUPA requirements in California)?

We are always expanding our dataset of requirements. However, there will always be information we can’t surface using publicly available data, like local wastewater permits. We give you the ability to add custom requirements to make sure any events we don't pull are included in your calendar.

How does Encamp handle liability on the platform?

Encamp provides recommendations about what requirements likely apply to facilities in our system, and provide accurate documentation and filing dates for those requirements That being said, at the end of the day you know your facility better than we ever can. Because of this, requirements are all opt-in on the Encamp Platform. We make our recommendation about what’s applicable, and you decide if you think the determination is accurate. If you miss a filing date because we don’t have it correctly set up in our system, that’s on us — if you forget to file, that’s on you. We take liability both for ourselves and most importantly our customers seriously, and carry general, commercial, and cyber liability insurance policies at or above industry standards.

Is it easy to get started?

Encamp makes onboarding a breeze with a free 30 minute call where our team will guide you through the platform. Encamp also provides an extensive Knowledge Base with tips, tricks and instructional videos so you don't get lost on the trail.

Does Encamp do hazard reporting?

Currently, the only reporting that Encamp automates is the EPCRA Tier II report.

How much does Encamp cost?

For pricing inquiries, it's best to have a quick call with a Happy Encamper.

What databases does Encamp pull information from?

Encamp pulls information from EPA ECHO and FRS databases, which several state databases roll up into.

How does Encamp support Quality/Sustainability?

Encamp allows you set set tasks, to-do lists, reminders, and upload documentation associated with your quality and sustainability programs within the platform.

Does Encamp have a calendar view or just list view?

Encamp currently offers a user-friendly list view, with an intuitive calendar view being on the roadmap for 2021.

What does Encamp integrate with?

Encamp integrates with federal and state databases, along with every state Tier II portal.

How is Encamp different from Gen Suite/Dakota software/SAP/Intelex?

Encamp is a cloud-based, lightweight solution that is constantly updating and improving. We strive to be nimble and respond to customers needs quickly, unlike other legacy systems out there.

Does anyone ever ask about multiple logins for multiple accounts/users?

Encamp allows unlimited users on every account, allowing companies to easily determine who needs access and and account.

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