Consulting firms for Tier II reporting and EHS compliance do important work. And they do it well. But there are certain aspects of the Tier II process that Encamp excels at over consultants and traditional EHS software.

First, Encamp’s modern, end-to-end EHS compliance platform lets you align business and environmental incentives across your organization. Then, it makes Tier II reporting faster, easier and more accurate by automating and streamlining the process. Reporting encompasses every facility you operate and the Tier II regulations in all 50 states.

These capabilities alone make bringing Tier II reporting in house a sound decision. But here a few more details that make the move a no-brainer — things not all consultants and EHS software apps can do.

(Quick disclosure. Encamp’s Partner Ecosystem equips consulting firms with our platform for their Tier II reporting services. So if you still need consulting help, look to one of Encamp’s partners and you’ll get the same effective reporting outcomes.)

Simplified Tier II report submissions

Forget navigating through upwards of 50 different state systems to submit Tier II reports. The Encamp platform lets EHS compliance teams orchestrate reporting using a single Tier II dashboard. Encamp then makes your submissions for you. Every person involved in the Tier II process uses the same dashboard and its reporting and tracking tools.

For each facility you have to report on, the Encamp platform and dashboard sync with state portals to:

  • Automatically import data from your previous years’ Tier II reports, giving you an instant starting point for new reporting.
  • Update amounts — range codes automatically calculate the numbers and account for state-specific codes. Storage locations are figured in, too.
  • Once data is confirmed, assign reviewers for double-checks and verification, all the way up to the executive level.

Full view of Tier II reporting activities

With the Tier II dashboard, EHS directors (and corporate leaders) view every activity by facility: Reporting task percentage until completion; Number of days to deadline; Facilities that have already filed reports and ones that still need to start the process. The dashboard further includes a built-in knowledgebase and training videos to answer questions, verify details for Tier II requirements, and provide Tier II tips & tricks.

Integrated workflow and calculations for thresholds

For workflow, get state fields from the EPA, NOAA, and all 50 states before fields are made available in public state portals. The intuitive Tier II dashboard makes any workflow easy for all users to understand, including alerts and reminders for assigned tasks in each facility.

For calculations, confirm all threshold planning quantities (TPQs) for a state level, including extremely hazardous substances (EHSs). Encamp automatically selects if you're under a reporting threshold for a given chemical or even an entire facility.

Automated record keeping

Automatically store the final Tier II report copy, records of payment, and an audit log for each facility in Encamp’s digital filing cabinet. Your filing cabinet organizes documents by default, so everything is captured.

Focus on EHS compliance… not paperwork

Along with submitting Tier II reports accurately and on time, here are more benefits of moving the Tier II process in house with Encamp.

  • Free up EHS resources, save hundreds of hours on Tier II reporting alone, and devote more time to higher priority EHS activities like new programs, training, and sustainability.
  • Mitigate compliance risks by making compliance more automated and fool proof, and by driving consistency and visibility across your company and all its facilities. You also stay on top of due dates and changing Tier II requirements
  • Get going in days and realize time to value quickly. By deploying Encamp via the cloud, there’s no software or hardware to install or months-long implementation. Encamp requires no specialized knowledge or user training, either.
  • Easily import data from other systems, especially spreadsheets. Encamp’s automated reporting timelines, calendars, and compliance profiles are nothing without data to fuel them.

We’re with you every step of the way

Encamp is affordable to companies of all sizes, not just large enterprises. So no matter your Tier II reporting volume, we’re with you from onboarding through ongoing support. Start with an account review by our EHS compliance experts. After that, have a 30-minute onboarding call to get you started. Our team also works with yours to import your data into Encamp.

Take control of your Tier II reporting.

Visit us at to arrange a demo, read more, watch more, and get started.