The Ultimate Tier II Checklist for Tier II Reporting

This checklist will help your team check off and not miss a single key deliverable while filing your Tier II Reports.

The very first step of Tier II reporting

Not many EHS professionals enjoy having to submit Tier II reports for environmental compliance. Tracking down info is time consuming and confirming details for things like regulations and inventories is stressful. Non-compliance is also a constant threat because so much can fall through the cracks. This makes a checklist for Tier II reporting a required tool. Using one lets you check off tasks when they’re completed, and stay alerted to what still needs to be done. And when a checklist covers all the bases, you proceed through the process of prepping, reviewing, and submitting Tier II reports knowing you’re less likely to miss any critical steps. Make such a checklist your first step.

What makes your checklist the “ultimate” one?

For starters, it comes from Encampers who are former EHS professionals — environmental managers, scientists, consultants, etc. etc. They know the challenges of managing EHS compliance and have submitted thousands of Tier II reports. Our checklist also checks off all the steps Encamp completes when you use our software: Confirm local, state, or federal regulations. Review your Tier II reports and fix errors. Submit copies to SERCs, LEPCs and local fire departments. Even pay submission fees on your company’s behalf.

About the Ultimate Checklist for Tier II Reporting

First thing, we kept our checklist simple, but thorough. Then we made sure it defines the timeframe for everything Tier II reporting entails.

  • Preparation phase, from March to December
  • Reporting Period in January and February
  • Post Reporting Period after March 1

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Take note: 3 things

1.     A Tier II reporting checklist lets you know what you need to do and when. It can liberate you from spending all your time on bureaucratic reporting tasks.

2.     A checklist further helps guard against compliance oversights and Tier II reporting blind-spots.

3.     Using a checklist lets you be confident your Tier II reports are completed correctly, so you can submit them with confidence and rest easy for EHS compliance.

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