Campfire Sessions: Episode 1 - What is ISO14001 and should I get certified?

Tuesday, April 28, 2020
10:00 am

About the Webinar

This episode features Luke Jacobs the CEO of Encamp and Tony DeMarco from BCA Consultants as they discuss the ISO14001 certification.

To learn more about Encamp, go to Encamp.com

To learn more about the ISO14001 certification or BCA Consultants, go to BCAConsultants.com

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About the Series

"Campfire Sessions" is a Q&A webinar series that covers a wide variety of important Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) topics. CEOs, partners, and other environmental professionals answer questions designed to provide valuable insight to our audience and keep them informed on what is currently happening in the EHS industry as well as the outlook for the future.

Your Webinar Speakers.

Luke Jacobs

Luke Jacobs




Jacobs founded Encamp Inc. in 2018 with his two co-founders, his brother Sam Jacobs and friend Dan Smedema from what started as an idea during a camping trip in June 2017. Encamp focuses on software to serve the EHS industry by streamlining environmental compliance reporting.

The modern Encamp platform empowers companies to better understand, manage and comply with all requirements for business operations, while enhancing accuracy and efficiency. Luke is uniquely set up to build a tech company in the EHS space, with his past experience working as a tech co-founder, environmental consultant, project manager, and environmental research scientist.

Before founding Encamp, Inc., Jacobs worked as a consulting environmental scientist for fortune 10 companies, and focused on streamlining environmental compliance programs using digital technology. By leveraging his degree in Environmental Science from Indiana University and time as a research associate, Jacobs was an asset to their firms, and continues to deliver value and technological transformation to hundreds of companies that use Encamp. In his spare time, he enjoys running, board games, and backpacking.

Tony DeMarco

Tony DeMarco

VP of Consulting Services


BCA Consultants

Vice President and part owner of BCA Environmental Consultants, LLC. In this capacity Tony manages, markets and strategically plans environmental compliance and management systems services for industrial clients.

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