Campfire Sessions: Episode 3 - How to build an Environmental Sustainability program for your business

Thursday, May 21, 2020
8:00 am

About the Webinar

This episode features Brandon Barlow of Encamp and Adam Estes from Knauf Insulation as they discuss building an Environmental Sustainability program for your business. They will discuss the definition, benefits, and importance of sustainability; how Knauf is approaching sustainability and its goals for 2020. Then outline how you can implement these concepts into your business.

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About the Series

"Campfire Sessions" is a Q&A webinar series that covers a wide variety of important Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) topics. CEOs, partners, and other environmental professionals answer questions designed to provide valuable insight to our audience and keep them informed on what is currently happening in the EHS industry as well as the outlook for the future.

Your Webinar Speakers.

Adam Estes

Adam Estes

Corporate HSE Environmental Specialist



Adam is a CHMM with 13 years experience in the Environmental Field. He currently works as the Corporate HSE Environmental Specialist for Knauf Insulation. His career has spanned working as a regulator for the City of Indianapolis, a contractor for the Federal Government, and an Environmental Consultant. As such, Adam has experience from multiple sides of the regulatory landscape.

Brandon Barlow

Brandon Barlow

Business Development Manager



Brandon currently works as a Business Development Manager at Encamp, the Environmental Compliance Platform. After years of experience in the EHS field as a consultant, Brandon brought his unique skillset to Encamp where he has become a trusted asset to the Revenue team.

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